Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Employment pains

I'm too old to get growing pains but employment pain is taking over at the moment. For over a month I have known my current employer will not be extending my contract and I will have to find work elsewhere.
Job hunting and attending interviews has been exceptionally time consuming and I haven't really had time to do much of anything else.
This however is no excuse for not exercising.I have even found that concentrating on nothing but job hunting is actually detrimental to my health and happiness so now I have implemented a structure to my days. I find at least 30-45 minutes an evening to work out. I hope to spend longer on it in the future but I don't want to do too much too soon. I am very unfit at the moment.

I went to the doctor's the other day and got myself weighed... hmmm... not the result I had been hoping for but at least I have a target.
What was the result you say?
Well... as much as I hate to say it... I am quite overweight, needing to lose 20kg to reach the top end of my ideal weight. Now to me that doesn't sound too bad BUT, I converted it into old world and found that I had to lose just over 3 stone!!! Now I'm feeling pretty damn shocked about it all.

Time to step up!!

So today my munchies consist of fresh chicken and peri peri rice, I have a banana to snack on, together with a low fat yoghurt, nectarine and a few crackers. Start as you mean to go on.
Looking forward to another work out tonight too

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tummy control of the industrial kind!!

So yesterday something in my head clicked. I was stood in a fitting room trying on a top so I had something nice and smart for job interviews. The top was great and all was going well.
I took the new top off to get ready to change back and my reflection in the mirror caught my eye.... that isn't me!! That isn't someone I am proud of or find even remotely attractive!

So what is a girl to do when her tummy is making a bid for world domination? The answer.... buy big underwear!!!
Gok Wan would be so proud. I didn't hesitate after paying for my new top I headed straight for the underwear department of Debenhams. I found what I was looking for quite quickly... one of those tummy control jobbies. One of the ones that goes from the bottom of your bra right down to your knickers. I kid you not, it is awesome!!! It is certainly an improvement while I work on getting down to a less rounded shape.

Today I wore it for the first time and it was surprisingly comfortable. It was on all day while I was at work and the only dicey moment was when I went to the ladies and it rolled up a little bit but I was in the right place to sort it out... happy days.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Priorities Changed

Unfortunately my worklife has got in the way and I am now find myself spending most of my spare time searching for a new job... kinda sucky.

I am now hoping to find a job that is closer to home... it will give me more time to jump about at home as well as get to the local gym. Keep your fingers crossed for me as this could be the change I've needed for a while.

So tonight I hit the Nintendo Wii and got Just Dance 2 out again, downloaded a couple of new tracks and relished in the fact I could look like a muppet and noone was there to see it!!!!
My arms do ache a bit now so that has got to be positive right?

Same again tomorrow? You bet your ass!!!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A small bump in the road

So not that long ago I heard that my contract with my current employer is not going to be extended. This has meant my evenings have been spent updating my CV, trawling the net and checking all the newspapers for jobs.

I have not been as physically actively as I would have liked at all.

Mind you... when I did manage to get a bit of exercise done it didn't go well either. Picture this:
A very cold winters evening in a home which is bitterly cold. One little old me lying on my back (with my feet against the radiator to keep them warm) and doing sit ups.
The floor although carpeted is basically really cold concrete, with no padded mat it hurts my arse and hips so after about 10 sit ups I'm really sore and want to get up.
Here is the problem... my back and neck did not appreciate the cold striking up from the floor and I'm stuck. I cannot get up, I cannot even roll over. But at least my feet are warm

25 minutes pass until finally I manage to get up and painfully lurch my way up the stairs to bed feeling rather dejected.
That was yesterday.... today I have not done sit ups... I'm to chicken!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lets get physical

I am under no illusions... My biggest problem is not what I eat. It is the limited amount of exercise I squeeze into my days.
Time to start kicking my own ass about getting more active and sticking with it!
Starting off gently and using the sweat program on Just Dance. I swear the Nintendo Wii will be my Savior!
I'm finding it easy to meet the daily targets... Well... For the first few days at any rate. The trouble is that something always happens which I view as a justified reason to miss a day. The next thing I know, a week has passed and I've done sweet F. A.!


So here I am with my thumb well and truly pulled out... every night is officially Wii night!!!

Here are my favourite tracks for looking like a tit but burning a bit of blubber off:
Proud Mary - Ike & Tina Turner
Call Me - Blondie
It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls
Cosmic Girl - Jamiroquai

You tube Proud Mary Link (Not My Video)

Monday, 16 January 2012

The last goodbye

I wouldn't say I have ever overindulged in cream cakes but I have always had a soft spot for them. Eclairs and Profiteroles being my favourite.

This weekend a friend came to visit and treated us to both my favourites after our evening meal on Saturday night... A box of 4 Eclairs and a pile of Profiteroles. This got me thinking and I recalled how I once ate a whole pile of the yummy chocolatey goodness all on my own (ok, ok... I overindulged once!!)

I wasn't planning on this treat being "the last" but it certainly seems to have happened this way. As I took my first bite I was in heaven but by the second bite I was already changing my mind. Sure the cream was fresh and yes the chocolate was perfect but it just wasnt ticking any boxes for me.
The sudden realisation came... "HOLY CRAP!! I'M NOT ENJOYING THEM"
Now this was an unexpected shock to the system but the more I think about it, the happier I am. It's certainly going to be easier to avoid such treats in the future when I have this in my memory!

Now where's my natural yoghurt and sliced banana?

Monday, 9 January 2012

The great underwear purge

Almost sounds like a film title doesn't it?
Well I suppose there were some laughter and some tears. There was even a will she or won't she moment.... Hmmmm.... Maybe I should go speak to Spielberg!!
Anywho... The key to looking good is to have a great wardrobe. Mine, unfortunately, is one of those cheap canvas flat-pack jobbies from Argos so I better just concentrate on the clothes.
As you have discovered already, I have invested in some new underwear so this is obviously the prime time to clear old some of the old stuff.
Us women always seem to hoard our underwear and find it hard to let go.
I have old faithfuls... You know the score, knickers which are oh so comfy but verge on being granny pants and certainly aren't fit to be seen on the washing line. I also have a few bras which are elderly; they actually seem to make my boobs saggier than if I didn't wear a bra at all and the pretty lacey material is faded and can only dream of its former glory.
Why do we keep these pitiful garments?! I mean, really!!??!!
So there I was sat amongst a sea of lace and underwiring... Forcing myself to make that painful decision. Sooner or later we all have to let go I suppose... It was for the best.