Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Employment pains

I'm too old to get growing pains but employment pain is taking over at the moment. For over a month I have known my current employer will not be extending my contract and I will have to find work elsewhere.
Job hunting and attending interviews has been exceptionally time consuming and I haven't really had time to do much of anything else.
This however is no excuse for not exercising.I have even found that concentrating on nothing but job hunting is actually detrimental to my health and happiness so now I have implemented a structure to my days. I find at least 30-45 minutes an evening to work out. I hope to spend longer on it in the future but I don't want to do too much too soon. I am very unfit at the moment.

I went to the doctor's the other day and got myself weighed... hmmm... not the result I had been hoping for but at least I have a target.
What was the result you say?
Well... as much as I hate to say it... I am quite overweight, needing to lose 20kg to reach the top end of my ideal weight. Now to me that doesn't sound too bad BUT, I converted it into old world and found that I had to lose just over 3 stone!!! Now I'm feeling pretty damn shocked about it all.

Time to step up!!

So today my munchies consist of fresh chicken and peri peri rice, I have a banana to snack on, together with a low fat yoghurt, nectarine and a few crackers. Start as you mean to go on.
Looking forward to another work out tonight too

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