Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A small bump in the road

So not that long ago I heard that my contract with my current employer is not going to be extended. This has meant my evenings have been spent updating my CV, trawling the net and checking all the newspapers for jobs.

I have not been as physically actively as I would have liked at all.

Mind you... when I did manage to get a bit of exercise done it didn't go well either. Picture this:
A very cold winters evening in a home which is bitterly cold. One little old me lying on my back (with my feet against the radiator to keep them warm) and doing sit ups.
The floor although carpeted is basically really cold concrete, with no padded mat it hurts my arse and hips so after about 10 sit ups I'm really sore and want to get up.
Here is the problem... my back and neck did not appreciate the cold striking up from the floor and I'm stuck. I cannot get up, I cannot even roll over. But at least my feet are warm

25 minutes pass until finally I manage to get up and painfully lurch my way up the stairs to bed feeling rather dejected.
That was yesterday.... today I have not done sit ups... I'm to chicken!

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