Monday, 2 January 2012

A positive step

So I started today with a lie in which was not planned but I have now decided it was intentional afterall and shall hence be called "beauty sleep"

Beauty however doesn't happen overnight and does need a bit of help so time to face the time old proplem of the top lip. Lets face it, all women get a little hair on their top lip... If they didn't then Immac never would have been invented.
Mine never seems to be too bad but during the winter the hairs I do have are a little darker and very tiresome so it was definately time to lock myself in the bathroom for 10-15 minutes while concentrating on the task at hand.

One bald top lip and a hot shower later and I'm ready to face the world.
A few days ago I treated myself to some new underwear so on went the new bra and panties. They aren't a colour I'd normally chose (being bright pink) but the fiance picked them out and it feels good wearing them because of it.
I've delibrately chosen to wear a low cut black strappy top for two reasons:
1- So the bra straps are on display and show up nicely
2- So my enormous boobs and cracking cleavage are there to make me smile as they are my favourite asset (and probably the fiances too)

So why go to all this trouble? Simple really! I'd never feel motivated to improve if I felt like crap about myself. Now I'm ready to jump and run a round like a loon cos damn it! I'm worth it!
(No jumping around in this bra though or I'll get two black eyes!!!)

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