Monday, 16 January 2012

The last goodbye

I wouldn't say I have ever overindulged in cream cakes but I have always had a soft spot for them. Eclairs and Profiteroles being my favourite.

This weekend a friend came to visit and treated us to both my favourites after our evening meal on Saturday night... A box of 4 Eclairs and a pile of Profiteroles. This got me thinking and I recalled how I once ate a whole pile of the yummy chocolatey goodness all on my own (ok, ok... I overindulged once!!)

I wasn't planning on this treat being "the last" but it certainly seems to have happened this way. As I took my first bite I was in heaven but by the second bite I was already changing my mind. Sure the cream was fresh and yes the chocolate was perfect but it just wasnt ticking any boxes for me.
The sudden realisation came... "HOLY CRAP!! I'M NOT ENJOYING THEM"
Now this was an unexpected shock to the system but the more I think about it, the happier I am. It's certainly going to be easier to avoid such treats in the future when I have this in my memory!

Now where's my natural yoghurt and sliced banana?

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