Monday, 9 January 2012

The great underwear purge

Almost sounds like a film title doesn't it?
Well I suppose there were some laughter and some tears. There was even a will she or won't she moment.... Hmmmm.... Maybe I should go speak to Spielberg!!
Anywho... The key to looking good is to have a great wardrobe. Mine, unfortunately, is one of those cheap canvas flat-pack jobbies from Argos so I better just concentrate on the clothes.
As you have discovered already, I have invested in some new underwear so this is obviously the prime time to clear old some of the old stuff.
Us women always seem to hoard our underwear and find it hard to let go.
I have old faithfuls... You know the score, knickers which are oh so comfy but verge on being granny pants and certainly aren't fit to be seen on the washing line. I also have a few bras which are elderly; they actually seem to make my boobs saggier than if I didn't wear a bra at all and the pretty lacey material is faded and can only dream of its former glory.
Why do we keep these pitiful garments?! I mean, really!!??!!
So there I was sat amongst a sea of lace and underwiring... Forcing myself to make that painful decision. Sooner or later we all have to let go I suppose... It was for the best.


  1. I still have bras in my underwear drawer from when I was a 38D, I'm now a 34B and there is no way I am ever going to wear them again so I have no idea why I hold onto them. Tonight in honour of your new blog I shall join the great underwear purge and have a clear out!

  2. Whoohoo... and so it begins!!!!

    Just think of all the space you'll be creating for some gorgeous new bras!!! A great excuse to treat yourself I think :-)